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ZEN pulley  bendixes and cluthes

ZEN Pulleys & Bendixes

Pos Service Holland (SA) Pty Ltd is the official importer of ZEN FreeWheel Pulleys & Bendixes and clutches.

With their headquartered in Brusque, Santa Catarina BRAZIL, ZEN SA., has been operating in the automotive sector since 1960 and is currently a major manufacturer of spare parts for the global market.

The company is the independent world leader in starter drivers and a major manufacturer of alternator pulleys, tensioners, as well as other products for the electric line. ZEN also provides a wide range of cold and warm shaped for original customers such as ABS rings and dog rings.

alternator pulley


The high product quality and durability is proven by tests according to the requirements of the original market. ZEN pulleys are exported all over the world. This product is responsible for passing the engine rotation to the alternator through a belt, transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy to charge the battery. There are 3 generations of alternator pulleys, ZEN has followed the evolution, it has developed and improved the three models.


Bendixes & Clutches:

As an independent global leader in the aftermarket (IAM) and supplier since 1986 for the original market (OEM), the company's strong global presence ensures high quality and robust processes.


With more than 1,000 pieces in the portfolio, ZEN has a comprehensive line for the entire global market.

bendixes and clutches
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