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Rotrix TSH-008

Test bench TSH-008 checks:

1. The technical condition of automotive alternating current alternators with rated voltage 12 and 24V under the load up to 150 and 75 A accordingly, including alternators of system «start-stop» 12V.

2. Automotive starters with power of 11kW with rated voltage 12 and 24 V, without load (at idle).


3. The performance capacity of 12/24V voltage regulators - separately from alternators.

Main Features:

The diagnostics of automotive alternators and voltage regulators takes into account the following criteria:

- Stabilizing voltage;

- control lamp working performance capacity;

- FR (displaying of the frequency and FR duty ratio, voltage regulator response).

- The AC pulsation value. For COM alternator types (voltage regulators):

- ID;

- Protocol;

- data exchange speed;

- LIN protocol type;

- regulator self-diagnostics errors.


The diagnostics of the automotive starters considers the voltage changes nature and the currents on the terminals 30, 45 and 50.

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