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Motoplat has developed a brand new test bench for 2019 other than anything out there today. The new CV-623 brings all testing aspects into one testbench: advanced alternator testing, starter testing and regulator testing

New PLC controlled tester in combination with C++, Scada and SQL software platforms will ensure reliable testing and easy servicing capabilities all over the world. This is the most competitive alternative for any other test bench brand out there on the market today. It easily identifies over 30 LIN and 3 BSS protocols together with over 200 ID codes and in-depth transmission data.


Main Features:

  • Sturdy frame meant to last

  • Production/end-of-line tester (Optional)

  • Standard alternator, starter and regulator tester in 1

  • 380V 3 Phase

  • Motor:22kW

  • Motor drive: 22kW

  • Resistors: 600A @ 12V, 400A @ 24V (linear with 0-50A PWM)

  • Future options can easily be upgraded for 48V (unique resistor box design)

  • Test-bench controlled by Siemens PLC Siematic S7

  • High-end custom-made alternator control unit

  • Manual select knob for auto/manual testing modes

  • Belt drive

  • High-end Safety cover with pneumatic fastening (Option)

  • Filtration in bottom part against dust (Option)

  • Extensive manual and automatic testing features

  • Dual pneumatic tensioning system


  • PC built-in Intel NUC

  • Professional PC software in any language

  • New 2019 developed software layout

  • Heavy duty PC touch screen

  • Heavy duty membrane keyboard

  • Heavy duty touchscreen dedicated for Siemens PLC

  • SCADA language

  • SQL database

  • Motoplat software is Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 compatible

  • APC battery built in for computer stability and reliability

  • Full customizable test procedure

  • LaserJet printer or label printer(option)

  • Extensive report printing with performance curve in any language!

  • Internal router for updating, service, maintenance

  • Calibration through internet

Testing Capabilities:

  • API+ high speed automatic protocol identification (30 protocols with over 200 regulator ID’s)

  • Tests 24V LIN and DFM!

  • Displays all regulator errors

  • Shows unique regulator ID codes over 200codes

  • Tests starting mode BSG’s

  • Ready for 48V BSG units

  • Ford RVC testing

  • Shows communication speed in Baud rate

  • 3 VSP/RPM measurements for regulator reliability

  • W terminal testing Hz@RPM

  • Tests all PWM controlled alternators even 24 Volt

  • In depth DFM testing V/Hz/PWM % @ high and low load

  • Leakage test up to 250mA

  • Ripple measurement in Amps and %

  • Alternator Efficiency in %

  • Alternator torque check in NM

  • Checks alternator power in KW

  • Voltmeter accuracy 0,1-volt accuracy

  • Amp meter 0,25% accuracy

  • External regulators for 12v and 24v built-in

  • Regulator tester built-in

  • Starter testing IST type units testing as „starter”

  • Advanced auto testing capabilities

  • Wizard learning mode for database building -> comparison testing

  • Step less or computer-controlled rpm adjusting

  • Step by step load control up to 600Amps

  • Oscilloscope built-in software

  • Preset Database (can be adapted by customer)

  • Endurance Test(option)

Accessories and others

  • Sturdy mounting accessories for normal and pad mount

  • Pre-connected harnesses and plugssets included

  • Belts included

  • Reliable tester and ready for the future and can be updated easily by internet

  • Easy servicing because of interchangeability of PCB’s

  • Connectivity between tester and internet for fast support -> quick problem solving

  • Fast service and (online)support

  • Battery chargers built-in

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