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Alternator Tester


The VC-212RT tester allows you to diagnose the operational performance of a 12 and 24 volt alternator regulator.

The VC-212RT Regulator Tester is a very useful and easy to use device used by auto repair shops, diagnostic stations, authorized service stations and converters.

This small and lightweight tester has been developed according to the requirements of gas stations and works without additional test or measuring equipment.

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•Supports all control interfaces for modern voltage regulators such as LIN / BSS and PWM

• Automatic detection of a type А or В drive load regulation.

• Checks the operational performance of a regulator monitoring channel.

• Simulates two alternator stator phase outputs.

• Simulates alternator overvoltage and shutdown mode.

• Short circuit protection.

• After a set period of inactivity of the FLD inputs, the unit will shut down automatically.

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