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The Autodiagger AD100+ is a handheld tester that is used to test and diagnose alternator charging problems by replicating the digital signals from a vehicle’s ECU.


The AD100+ tester can test an alternator while it is still installed on a vehicle or on a testbench. The tester can provide information on whether the alternator’s voltage regulator can communicate correctly with the vehicle’s ECU and if the alternator responds correctly to the tester’s simulated ECU input parameters. The AD100+ can now be updated by NFC from a compatible Android mobile phone or by returning it to Wood Auto for the update procedure.


Regulator Testing Protocols: COM, LIN, BSS(BSD) Mercedes, Opel, Audi, BMW, Renault, VW, Ford 24V LIN GRC Mercedes SIG Ford, Volvo, Mazda P-D Mazda L-RVC GM, Vauxhall, Opel RLO Toyota iSTARS Combined Alternator-Starters PSA

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