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testing starters and alternators

Rotrix TSH-006

This test bench enables health assessment of alternators with different connection terminals and detection of failures.


The test bench tests automotive units under a load of 50A, which is sufficient for alternators of passenger cars.


Two available test modes – manual and automatic.


Test results can be printed out.

Main Features:

  • - simplicity and ease of use;

  • - automatic test mode;

  • - database search of alternator information by its number;

  • - smooth adjustment of alternator RPMs and current load;

  • - test report printout;

  • - easy fixation of the tested unit on the test bench without applying any additional fixing tools;

  • - compact size;

  • - integrated system for protection of the bench electronics against damage in case of improper connection of the tested unit to the test bench.

  • - free software update.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (L×W×H), mm

  • 570×490×450

  • Weight, kg 42

  • Supply voltage, V 230

  • Number of batteries No

  • Alternator testing

  • Voltage of tested alternators, V 12, 24

  • Drive power, kW 1.5

  • Load, А 0-50 for 12V, 0-25 for 24V

  • Load adjustment (0-100%) Smoothly

  • Drive speed, rpm 0-3000

  • Drive speed adjustment Smoothly

  • Transmission type (drive/alternator) Bel

Untitled design (4).png

Belt types

  • - V-belt

  • - Poly-V-belt

Types of tested alternators

  • «L/FR», «SIG», «RLO», «RVC», «C KOREA», «P-D», «COM» («LIN», «BSS»), «C JAPAN».

Display parameters

- Voltage;

- Alternate current;

- Direct current;

- Drive speed;

For COM voltage regulators:

- ID;

- Protocol;

- Speed of exchange;

- Voltage regulator type;

- Errors.

Auxiliary options

Touch screen 7"

Firmware update Yes

Auto-test mode Yes

Alternator database Yes

Test result printout Yes

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