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New to the Motoplat tester range is the CV-307N. This is a small easy to use test bench, which has all of the modern functionalities like the CV-615A. It is equipped with a 7,5KW 380V 3 phase motor and its maximum load is 300amps.

The CV-307N is equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility, such as API+ technology which automatically identifies COM protocols within 2 seconds.
These protocols are displayed together with their ID codes, which makes development in re-manufacturing easier, cheaper and more clear.


Features :

• Sturdy frame meant to last
• For workshops and warranty departments
• 380V 3 Phase
• 12/24volt testing
• 300A (12Volt)/150A (24Volt)
• 7,5KW motor (10HP)
• @12V 4x32A/3x45A/45x1Amp resistors
• Leakage test up to 250mA
• Ripple measurement in Amps and %
• Alternator Efficiency in %
• Motor torque test in NM
• Motor power in KW
• Voltmeter accuracy 0,1 volt accuracy
• Amp meter 0,25% accuracy
• 2-way pneumatic tensioning
• (V) belt drive
• Extensive manual testing features
• Bright colored displays
• Step less rpm control
• Step by step load control up to 300amps
• API+ high speed automatic protocol identification 
• Tests 24V LIN!
• Extensive regulator control
• Displays regulator errors
• Shows unique regulator ID codes
• Shows communication speed in Baud rate
• Tests all PWM controlled alternators even 24 Volt
• In depth DFM testing
• Auto testing capabilities + wizard learning mode
• Preset Database (can be adapted by customer)
• Auto test plug harnesses
• Manual select knob for auto/manual testing modes
• PC included


• Small high-end computer (windows 10) and wide screen monitor included.
• New developed software layout (can be adapted in any way)
• Auto test function even without computer
• Software is Windows 10 compatible
• LaserJet printer
• Extensive report printing with performance curve
• Sturdy mounting accessories and plugs included
• Reliable tester and ready for the future and can be updated easily
• Fast service and support
• CE certified

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